This is the meet & greet!

Consults are the time that I get to know my clients, I spend an hour talking with them, reviewing health history, taking baseline measurements, performing physical assessments, and learning about their short & long term goals & why they have chosen to work with a personal trainer. This information is collected in a private space both in my office & online and client confidentiality is honored. I then use the information they provide to help me build a program specific to them, their personality and their goals. If a person doesn’t like a program or a plan it’s not likely that they will stick with it! The initial baseline measurements-are simply that-starting points that we can then use to assist with tracking personal changes & progressions. These measurements along with learning to tune in to your body-how are you feeling?, where are your energy levels at?, what is your sleep quality?, Are you recovering well? Personal overall health and wellness will help you to be able celebrate goals and overcome challenges in the future.

I also offer “follow up” appointments to enable clients to check in! It’s important to have someone in your corner- supporting you, helping you with questions and keeping you on the path that you have chosen, staying accountable & consistent. These can be face to face in office or online.

This includes 1 hour consultation for collecting: health history, goals, body composition, base line fitness assessment, nutritional guidance template for general health and wellness, program (1-5 days), program review (1-1.5 hours), plus 2 1/2 hour Follow Up appointments.

1-5 day program design and instruction.
~ 1-3 Day Program – $435 (Includes 1 Hour Review)
~ 4-5 Day Program – $495 (Includes 1.5 Hour Review)


ADDITIONAL PROGRAM INSTRUCTION: (Must have a 1/2hr check in prior to receiving additional program rates)
~ 1-2 day program – $120     ~ 3 day program – $150 (1 Hour Review)

~ 4 day program – $170        ~ 5 day program – $190 (1.5 Hour Review)


(Includes: Consultation-1 Hour, Meal Plan, Three 1/2hr Follow Ups)

Follow Up:
This includes measurements, body composition and nutritional review
~ 30 minutes – $45

*Prices listed above do not include GST*

**48 Hour Cancellation Policy in Effect For ALL Bookings.**