I first met Amanda in January of 2016 when I signed up for a shred program her and another trainer were offering. I was never someone who went to the gym so this was a whole new intimidating thing for me. Sticking to an eating plan was also never something I did, making this new commitment was easy with Amanda’s support. After the 8 week program was over I continued seeing Amanda as a client as I had developed a love for fitness and the gym. A year later I made the decision to enter my first fitness competition, it was not a decision I made lightly as I still had a long ways to go to get to that physic but Amanda supported me through my decision and we decided to enter this journey together. The 16 weeks leading up to show were hard and a few times I wanted to quit but seeing Amanda every Friday and having her there for daily support really helped me get through it. My experience competing with Amanda as my coach was amazing, I could not have done it without her. It has been almost a year since my competition and I’ve found myself not as dedicated to the gym as I was prior but I still continue seeing Amanda for training sessions and she is still there for support and to help me get myself back on track. Having Amanda as my trainer and coach for the past three years has taught me so much about myself physically and mentally. It is crazy what your body can do if you set your mind to it and I wouldn’t have accomplished all of that without her help.
-Courtney (April 2018)

To the most amazing trainer, Amanda from Sweet Sweat Athletica
I have been going to Amanda on and off for several years now, lately more on. She is very inspirational as she practices what she preaches, healthy eating and hard work, no short cuts. Amanda is extremely tuned in to how your feeling, helping me reach goals and avoid injury, as well as taking time to listen and help me through some rough days, thank you, your so much more than just a trainer. I will continue to go to Amanda for training and would highly recommend her. Shes extremely knowledgeable ,enthusiastic, passionate, inspiring young lady, loves her job and it shows
Love ya
Shelley Scott (January 2018)

When I first joined Fitstop I hated going to the gym. Now it is the best part of my day! I have lost 20lbs since Amanda became my trainer but I have gained self confidence, a love of life and tons of energy. I could not be more grateful to her!
Candice Ludvigson (January 2018)

I have been working with Amanda since 2016 with my goals mainly focusing on obtaining overall health and wellness both physically and mentally. Over the years Amanda has taught me so much both in the gym and about clean nutrition. Along the way she has encouraged and supported me to stay accountable and true to myself. Amanda is very adaptable and flexible to her clients changing needs and goals.Thanks to Amanda I felt like a princess on my big day last spring and now through my pregnancy she has been a huge support in helping me to safely stay active. Thanks for everything you have helped me accomplish over the past few years Amanda, Im so grateful for everything I have learnt and continue to learn from you and for your continual support and encouragement!
Michelle Frueh (May 2020)