Holistic Nutrition is an investigative approach to overall health and wellness. Let me take a closer look at how your body is feeling, where your current nutritional status is at and how you would like to feel as you move forward to full body health and wellness. See how the foods you eat and the choices you make can help elevate you, have you feel more energetic, less inflamed, and can potentially create an optimal, balanced body.
Every food and lifestyle choice is an opportunity to move towards healthier eating patterns, every small shift in your nutritional choices can make a BIG difference.

Let us work together on a weekly basis to create a high standard of accountability and to offer greater support. My goal is to help you build a stronger food and lifestyle foundation that you can successfully continue on with.

As a NNCP, CHN and Natural Product Advisor we can look at the therapeutic effects of food choices on your overall health as well as implement appropriate supplementation-when and if necessary. The foods you eat every day have the potential to promote or worsen your health status, especially if you are dealing with, or trying to prevent the onset of chronic conditions.
Understanding your food choices, both the benefits and the potential detriments can help you to decide how to make your food work better, and support you.

Includes: Consultation-1 Hour, Custom Meal Plan, True View Investigative Questionnaire(s), Isolation Report of systems and nutrients out of alignment, Integrative Report and Plan +/- Supplement Protocol, Weekly Exercise Requirements, plus access to Fullscript catalog (if supplements are chosen)

Weekly Check Ins (virtual – 15 minutes each): Once per week for 6 weeks

Final 1/2hr Follow Up: This includes measurements, body composition and nutrition/supplement/overall program review & discussion.

Additional gym/exercise programs can be added to your plan at any time – see Consultation Packages for pricing (“Additional Program Instruction” rates)

*Prices listed above do not include GST*
**48 Hour Cancellation Policy in Effect For ALL Bookings.**

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